Getting into SUP more but how can I improve speed when using the kayak seat? (I.e. perception Hi-life)


I am trying to get into SUP more, but I want to find ways to improve the speed when I’m using my SUP like a kayak (I have a convertible one).

For kayaking, I have a 13 foot perception conduit. It’s by far my fastest vessel.

For SUP, I use an inflatable 11 foot, 6 inch Nautical board that also has a kayak seat I can add on and convert while In water. Even with the kayak seat, it feels awfully slow, especially when fighting wind.

I figure there are possibly two ways to try to help with speed for SUP:

1.) Add a foot brace/peg. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything for my irocker. I thought with all of the attachment rings, there might be some sort of mechanism that could be added. I know other brands offer something like that. I.e body glove. Anybody know or anyway to add this?

2.) Get a solid hybrid sup - something like the Perception Hi-life. However, I could not find a foot brace for that. Maybe something can be made? Does anyone have any experience with this or know of an accessory? I don’t particularly like drilling holes into my kayaks. Is there anything I can do with the Hi-life to add foot braces? Will this kayak be reasonably as fast as my perception conduit 13’ when used like a kayak?

Perception Hi-life

Side note: I like touring around lakes and seeing as much as I can within about 4 hours (hence desire to go faster) but I also like the core workout of SUP and want to switch between the two during paddle trips (SUP and kayaking). Sometimes I need to speed up if a storm is approaching or I’m going with friends.


Probably not the advice what you want to hear. Stand up paddle boarding was started for paddling sleek racing boards by " standing up" or high performance boards for surfing. For a board to be considered fast-- 24" wide would be about the limit. Surf SUPs are generally wider— most high performance boards are 30 inches wide or less. Both of the boards you mention are wide 32 to 36 inches. They were designed for slow play paddling with kids and dogs. Not much you do will make them faster. If I want to stand up paddle I use a real SUP board, and if I want to kayak, I use a real kayak. I’ve used an earlier incarnation of the Perception Hi-Life at a lake rental, it was a slow slog dog. I can paddle faster on my 9’ surf SUP. If you are improving at SUP I would advise getting a better not inflatable SUP, buy used and learn to use it for your core workout paddles. A less stable board will increase the value of your workout for core exercise and improve your balance and stick to kayaks for sitting.