Getting my first fishing kayak.....

Hello all. I’m looking to get my first fishing kayak here soon. I was wondering what you guys would recommend. I have a couple in mind, but want all your thoughts. Thinking I want to spend about $300-$400. Thanks…

1st Fishing kayak
I think you are on the right track … Get an economical kayak to start, as some find kayak fishing is just not for them. With an entry level kayak you have less invested up front, with time to really decide what you want before jumping in over your head with a $1000+ boat. I would start with 10 footer or even a 12 footer to get the feel for what works for you. Don’t be intimidated by those in the community who lean hard on the idea of buying the big name kayak or nothing…the first step is to get on the water…then work with what you have until you know exactly what you want & can afford it. Go for it!

First kayak
Hi. I’m thinking of a Malibu mini-x or a Cobra fish n dive. I was looking at the 9 footer since I’ll be loading it by myself. However , a 10 footer could work if it’s not to haevy.

Have you paddled either of the two kayaks I mentioned?


1st kayak
I rented and fished a bunch of kayak brands and demoed them also. I’m 65 so light weight was my top priority. I decided on an Eddyling 14 Angler at 50 lbs. A 12 ft is only 45 lbs.

Not much
to choose from at that price.I’d say your best bet is to check the classifieds for something used in your area.

Don’t worry over not gettin the ultimate
in an ultralight material. When faced by a strong headwind, kicking up in the evening, on your return paddle…a little weight will help your hull in establishing a line…for evading a paddling nightmare.

I used to own the Mini-X. I really liked it, except for 1 thing. Sitting in that low position was too hard on my bad back, so I sold it. Very lightweight, very stable, easy to transport, great reviews.