Getting paddles apart follow up


Got my Onno paddles apart yesteday following some good advice from Patric @ Onno.

He was very helpful in his suggestions(as were a lot of people on this message board)

Patric e- mailed me several times after he saw my post on the mesage boards, usually the next day.

So weather, job, & family permitting I will paddle this weekend.

What worked for me was putting the paddle between my knees & twisting the shaft.

Forget the last sentence, the paddles are apart.

Robert G

Lube it…
I had the same problem with a carbon AT Xcursion paddle til I lubed it with a dry lube silicone. Works great…


Don’t lube it!

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Just keep it clean!

This is what Patrick said

".... these ferules are nice and snug and only have to be rinsed / wiped off for maintnence. No lubes please..... will affect locker actuation."


As Patrick Mentioned in His Post
Now that you have it apart sand it down just a little with 600# sand paper or emery colth. I have one of his paddles and it was tight. Now its just right.

Lube it and keep it clean. Even use lip balm if needed.

Silicone spray is a dry “lube”. It
won’t stick like wax or other lubes.