Getting paddles apart

I have Onno adjustable lengh paddles & I am having trouble getting them apart.

They are now one long paddle & I cannot twist them apart.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Robert G

(a) call them (b) send it back
In that order. Don’t try any more before talking to them, as it could make things worse.


Stuck paddle
There is a section on Patrick’s site that details his recommended technique for unsticking a paddle.

if it’s kevlar
then you’re SOL (it soaked up so much water that it is now swollen beyond hope)

Go to the East coast canoe and kayak festival, find Oscar chalupsky. ask him to give it a try!!!

Patrick’s site…
Do you have this web address? My AT paddle always seems “stuck” after I paddle and its getting to be a PITA to take apart.

Thanks for asking before handing to big
O …

Hi Robert,

Unless there is a bunch of grit, sand or mud in there … no reason for them to get ‘welded’ together permanently and work perfectly when they leave the shop … I DO like to send these out with snug fitting ferules though.

A good way to get ALOT more twisting force / leverage is to wrap a bicycle inner tube around shaft. Then while standing, place one blade down between your feet / ankles and use two hands to twist … locker part is big and chunky so it will always release no problem … these ferules are nice and snug and only have to be rinsed / wiped off for maintnence. No lubes please… will affect locker actuation. If you wanted to ‘break it in’ a little more you could lightly wetsand the ferule with 600 grit… just a tiny bit at a time please. Please rinse off, dry and check as go so you do not go too far.

You will notice ferule goes in / comes out a little easier.

I think Swedge had the right answer…
After all, Patrick’s paddle would still make a good canoe paddle after Big Oscar got thru with it. Oscar might even be able to use the broken paddle as a marketing tool as to why you should not buy Patrick’s paddle, get it stuck and give it to the Big O for repair.

Of course Patrick’s idea might work too. The choice is a close one and I guess you will have to make the right and final decision.


Its a Finesse Thing
Of course, Patrick’s advise is good.

I have “unstuck” a lot of paddles for people and they are usually amazed how little force it really takes. Just work it back and forth gently.

Next time try a Bending Branches paddle

send it to me
I may not get it apart

but I’ll get you and it apart! :slight_smile:

Twist with a diagonal push or pull -
I have found that a push downward combined with the twisting will break the seal. This is easier if you use the blade between your feet/ankles and you have some spare shaft allowance to twist/push downward with the top part of the shaft. Once a stubborn seal is released, it is simpler to repeat the twist with a pull to take them apart.

If the paddle is stuck at minimum length, then you will have to pull upwards while twisting. It takes a little practice, but once you get the nack, it works. Think diagonal twist/push or twist/pull torque with a snap.

The only problem I have with the Onno paddle is that I don’t want to stop paddling with it.

Happy paddling!

Got my paddles apart
Paddle on dude.

With the help of Patric’s advice I was able to get my Onno paddles apart.

Patric was very helpful & answered my e- mailes the next day.

Thanks to the paddlers that offered some advice.

It really is a helpful message board & at times very funny.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Robert G

I remember a thread on this subject…
…some time ago that was pretty amusing…

“Three Stooges” type suggestions…