Getting paws wet Soon, hopefully

Ok, so lately Ive been researching kayaks for leisure boating up at the local reservoir, to which I never go despite living only a 20-30 minuet drive away from it. Ive never been in/on one before but they are cheaper than canoes, and lighter to carry Im told.

Last Friday I finally got one.

Not the one i had been pursuing, but it was cheaper slightly, and a higher Weight Capacity of 250 lb, vs 225 of the first I had my eye on. Im not that heavy, I just want more wiggle room, plus a taller friend might use it as well.

Now that I have it the issue of storage is at hand. Inside would be ideal of course, but its too long to get up my steps and into the house. I have no out building, sheds or even a garage. I also dont have money to buy one, or have built.

Edit: I should mention we get really strong wind storms here, so tent like covers are not a long term option.

The weather wont be calm/warm enough for at least another month here, and i still need to get stuff like a life jacket. But any advice from peeps who know would be welcome, as long as its not to tell me it was a bad idea to get the yak in the first place…

I keep 2 sea kayaks under my house. I made a couple 10 foot frames with 4 foam covered rollers each so I could roll them through the 3 by 3 access easily. I don’t know if that would be a storage option for you.

I didnt think of that, but Id be worried about animals, especially mice getting on/in it and chewing/scratching it up. And would it be warm enough under there in the winter?

I haven’t had a problem with critters chewing on them in 11 years of storing them under the house. We have on occasion had to trap a mouse in the house, so I don’t think the mice under the house will gnaw on your boats. I guess that’s up to the individual mouse. I take it you have a cat.

I don’t think the cold will damage a plastic sit on top being stored, and it is certainly warmer than outside in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Now even if the house is on pillars and not enclosed like our house it would keep it out of the sun.

However, it’s your boat and choice as what to do. Just putting this out there as an option. Enjoy your kayak when the weather warms.

Can you store it leaning against your house? Do you get a lot of snow in the winter?

I keep one of my kayaks stored outdoors year round, under the eves. Two brackets hold the kayak (brackets are padded with pool noodles).

BTW, welcome to the virtual campfire.

Not sure where you live or how cold it is there, but it gets pretty cold here in North Idaho and between kayaks and canoes I have plastic, fiberglass and more expensive lightweight layups and they all spend winters at outdoor temperature. They are fine.

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Just leave it outside somewhere that is convenient. It’s an inexpensive, plastic kayak. It will be fine stored like that for far longer than you will want to be paddling it.

Your PFD should be kept indoors, always, when not using it. Hang it in a closet and don’t pack it anywhere that it will be compressed

Cold won’t bother a plastic kayak but high heat and sunlight will. Store it somewhere that does not get direct sun if possible in the Summer and lay it on its side. Don’t leave it sitting hull down on the hard ground or a roof rack on hot days because the plastic will soften and the hull will flatten or dent. UV from sunlight will also degrade plastic over time – you can help prevent that by wiping it down with Scotch 303 UV protector spray and keeping it covered with a tarp when outside.

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I live in eastern Oregon, rural high desert country. And cheap as it might have been it was a bit of a splurge for me. That was money I had been trying to save for a Nintendo switch, but decided it was just too expensive with games now being 70-80+ bucks a pop.

Right now it’s leaning against the side of the house resting on the heavy plastic it was wrapped in when I brought it with a tarp tucked around it. I’ll move it before it gets too hot.

Nothing is “cheap”. You can have as much fun and
enjoyment with it as the most expensive kayak.

If you like your kayak take care of it as you best can.

In time you can work out an ideal place.

I store mine in a cargo trailer along with abs canoe.

I have ideas to hang it on pulleys from ceiling of
my garage someday.

Do you have a good overhang on your house?
Preferably on the side with most shade.

No overhangs long enough, and i dont have gutters either, so all runoff would stream right onto anything hanging. A friend is going to ask her crafty father if he can at least make me a simple rack to get it up off the ground, maybe. Not confirmed yet.

Should i take the seatback off for winter storage?

Keeping anything with elastic/fabric/other soft materials indoors is always a good idea

You could even take it to a marina and have it shrink wrapped for winter if you want?

No word back yet on a storage rack. We don’t have a “marina” around here, and I’d have to drive a few hours to find one. Under the house is looking like my only option. I have to keep the access blocked to keep the neighbor’s small-animal-killing dogs from getting in and killing the last feral cat who hides there.

And thank you to everyone who has responded. I really hope to get on the water soon, if only the weather would cooperate. :upside_down_face: