getting seakayak paddle apart

I didn’t pull my paddle apart after paddling and it is now stuck. We’ve soaked it, tried twisting the sections after doing so…the button seems free but the two sections are not budging…

Any suggestions on how to get the fiberglass seakayak paddle apart??


What I did was…
wrap the blade in a towel and very carefully

put it in a vise. Not tightly, but firmly.

I stood by with a can of WD 40 and soaked it with

WD 40.

After everytime it moved even a little bit, I

resoaked it.

I used slow and steady twisting, in part figuring

that if it didn’t come apart, it was ruined


What Onno (Pat) Suggest
stand with your feet together. Put one blade between your feet and snug it up with the your shins/knees. Compress the button and twist with a steady motion. Sometimes, it helps to wear rubber gloves to give a better grip.


The way
we used to get a stuck fly rod apart was to stand with feet together, place the rod (paddle) behind your knees, grasping it firmly with your hands against your legs and use the power of your legs to pull it apart. It has worked for me to get paddles apart too.