Getting Started

I’ve been paddling for about 2 years now on flat water with a Pamlico 100 and a Dagger Echo 12.0. I’ve always been a fisherman but I’ve never put the two together and now I want to give it a shot. I’m thinking of outfitting the Pamlico for fishing but don’t know where to start. I don’t need anything fancy, but any advice on getting started would be appreciated.

Get a rod holder
like a Scotty for the front of your cockpit. They are cheep ant the utility of hat tower FAR exceeds simply holding one fishing rod! It lets you lean other fishing rods against it, lean the paddle against helps rig rods. It’s an amazing wonder product that does all that and more!

Mr Grumpy , serious question …
… from a non-yaker ok …

What do you do with the paddle in a yak when you have to hold something else ??

Do all yaks have something assigned to that ??

You SHOULD have some sort of
paddle keeper and in most (not all) cases this is an add on feature that you will have to buy and install. Often times I’ll just leave it in my lap (not recommended) but with the rod holder I can lean it against that in the front and leave the back blade on the back deck. On my particular boat this is actually pretty secure. I have seen people slide a blade under the front deck rigging too.

what goes . . .
what goes into installing a rod holder? new to this whole thing also.

Thanks Mr.G. , …
… I have seen one picture somewhere of the paddle clipped into what looked like a plastic spring clip (that must be one of those things you mentioned), the paddle was running from front to back off to the side . Thanks again , I was just wondering because my nephew , who I fish with alot , has been getting the “yak. and fish” bug I think … another old fishing buddy I see occassionally , just told me he has a yak. now , and sometimes fishes from it too … what’s rhis world coming too ?? … Am I going to be the last of the Mohicens ??

I know , I know , I know , try it some time myself , right …

Actually, no.

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I fish on ponds and slow rivers and I think that whole Kayak Fishing thing is a lot of hogwash. A canoe is, in my VERY humble and NEW TO THE SPORT opinion, a way better fishing platform for flat, fresh water than any kayak. But, I have an 80 pound metal canoe that I take out with some one who can help me lift it 7 feet in the air and on top of the Land Rover and a kayak that I got with the wife (she likes kayaking more than canoeing) and that's what I use to fish alone. So, I adapt. I bought an anchor and a rod holder. I'll rig up a GPS holder and a cradle for a fish finder and a place for my iPod. I'll figure out way to cut down my tackle. A LOT.

By all accounts Sit On Top kayaks are much better suited for fishing but up here owning a SOT would cut my season by two or three months. I don't own one. Wish I did so I could get out on the flats after Stripers. But I don't. SO I can't.

As for the paddle keeper thing: I just got one of those clip-on-ones. I haven't tried it on the water yet but after dry fitting it I know that on MY BOAT it would cause the paddle to block off a behind the cockpit flush-mounted rod holder it I chose to purchase one, cut a hole in my boat and mount it. That means that I would have to go out and buy a cord-type one that goes on the side instead of clips on to the cockpit gunnals too. I'm not sure I'm up to all that. Contrast that to a single blade canoe paddle that one can simply drop into the hull of the boat, out of the way of everything. You do the math.

A lot of what you do with the paddle
depends on the water you paddle. I rarely do anything other than lay it across the cockpit. Sometimes, I use a paddle leash. Most of the keepers are crap, though there is one style that’s pretty good. Its made of a hard rubber compound and doesn’t break easily. The plastic ones don’t last too long with me.

Paddle keepers
I have a nice set up on my kayak. I stretched a bungee between two pad eyes and a hook midway between. Set the paddle against the cockpit and pull the bungee up to the hook. Easy to secure and release.

SOT season
You can extend your season by wearing breathable waders and a paddle top. SOT’s are superior to SINK’s for fishing as they allow easy access to tackle and other gear. Fishing the flats from an SOT is awesome. But I have to agree with Pilotwingz that a canoe is a great fishing craft. I use my canoe all the time while the kayak gets used by my fishing buddies.

Paddle Keepers
I use a 3/16ths inch bungee cut to a 4 foot length. Tie an over had loop on one end big enough to fit over your paddle blade when fully stretched, and tie another overhand loop big enough to attach a brass swivel snap on the other end. Put the overhand loop over the paddle blade and clip the swivel snap onto an attachment point on your kayak.

The 4 foot length will give you more than enough room for paddling. The overhand loop will not come over the paddle blade. The swivel snap will not come off the kayak.

When fishing I attach the swivel snap on the right side of the kayak, drop the paddle into the water on the right side, the current as I drift keeps the paddle out of the way as I fish from the left side of the kayak.

I do all my fishing in the ocean, have never lost my paddle or had it get in the way when landing a fish.

Total cost of making the paddle leash about $1.00.

This link could help
Give you some ideas. Pictures of fishing Yaks.