Getting Stickers Off Poly?

Any advice/products that are easiest and best for getting stickers/adhesives off of a poly boat?

Try a little WD40 lubricant. It is great for removing sticker adhesive. You may want to try a small spot on the boat somewhere to confirm that it won’t harm the plastic.


Hair dryer on low setting…
heat the sticker adhesive without getting hot enough to melt the boat…

then use any adhesive remover to clean up the sticky that’s left.

3m adheasive remover
Orange smell works good i dont think it would harm the poly…

i have used fine sand while sitting
on the beach waiting for the wave to come back in and take me out…

sign shop worker here
Leave outside in hot sun for a hour and pick away. Heatgun or hot blowdrier works also. For adhesive use high % isoprople alcohol which is garanteed to not harm plastics of any form. Nail polish removers can also be good for many plastics, but test first.

goo gone
i’ve used it before and have had no problems. Once i get them off i rinse it off with water just to be safe.

Goo gone
Thanks for all of the good responses.

I’ve used Goo Gone to get stickers off of metal but it had such a strong smell I thought it may have petroleum based or other volatile components that may be detrimental to the poly. I’ll pick some up and read the label closely.

Peanut butter (nm)

not exactly true sign shop guy
do not use alcohol on plexiglass, it will craze and crack.

Mineral spirits works.
Most decal adhesives can be removed with plain mineral spirits after the decal is peeled off.

Lighter fluid works
Wash off any residue with dish detergent

Warm sun ,
strong fingernails !