Getting the taste out of a Platypus hydro bladder

I treated myself to a kokatat neptune this year and got a 1.5l platypus with it. It says “CLEAN TASTE GUARANTEED”. I dont like the clean zenoestrogen taste they must be guaranteeing. I tried to cover it with sodium bicarb taste but still unpleasant. Any tips or should i just get used to it?

I see Clean Taste is actually trademark not a descriptor. Must be their signature chinaplastic flavor.

Maybe hydrogen peroxide or bleach, if the manufacturer doesn’t warn against either. Might take more work to get the bleach taste back out of it though…

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Fizzies :laughing:

Baking soda over night.

I wouldn’t use bleach.

Placing your plastic item outside within direct sunlight will do much to remove odor. The ultraviolet rays, fresh air, and open space will all work to neutralize the odor and lift it away.Oct 18, 2018


Ooh yeah, I forgot about denture cleaner. I use that in the coffee pot and thermos now and then.

Fizzies was a tablet you put in water to make soda.

I read mouthwash also.

Mint mouthwash? Diluted maybe

Be careful about using anything with a strong flavor, as you won’t be able to get that out and you’ll be stuck with a combination of the plastic taste and mint (or whatever).

Bleach and peroxide can also leave nasty tastes and they’re poisonous, so I’d avoid them too. Besides, they’re not necessary unless you’re trying to kill bacterial growth, which is easily accomplished by regular cleaning and drying, or storing the bladder in the freezer.

What I’ve found is that it usually takes some time for the plastic taste to build up to an annoying level, so fill it right before you’re ready to use it and when it gets bad, dump it and fill it again. Over time, the issue will generally resolve itself and there won’t be any plastic taste.

I have a Mazama bladder that is supposed to be taste-free, but initially it smelled like a cheap, vinyl pool toy and the water tasted horrible. After a fair amount of use, it’s now fine, even if I leave water in it overnight.

Right! These reservoir bags, hoses and other parts are a combination of polymers such as polyethylene, polyurethane, poly polypropylene, etc. Many flavors dissolve right into the plastic and cannot be rinsed off. You’ve probably noticed that a container of fruit yogurt, even after a hot soapy wash, still smells like fruit for a long time even though it’s clean. The same principle applies here.
The flavor should diminish with repeated use (and patience). If you want to try something more, I’d suggest hydrogen peroxide (3%) per @captainkirk. It may help neutralize the flavor, it breaks down quickly into water and oxygen (nothing weird), and a pint only costs a buck or so at Walgreens. One note of caution - don’t tightly seal the bladder after adding peroxide as some Oxygen gas will be produced and you don’t want any pressure build-up.

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