Getting through the surf w/ outrigger

On a beach trip with some friends this weekend and while I was out paddling, friends observed someone trying to launch a seakayak w/ outrigger through the surf. Surf (at least when I got back) was 3 - 4’ waves in fairly even sets. Friends asked about it, and it got me thinking - is it common to use outrigger when getting through the surf? Instinct tells me that extra stuff hanging off the side will make it very difficult to punch through.

The guy never made it out according to friends, but I didn’t know to what extent having the outrigger might have hindered his efforts.

I’ve never seen it attempted. I would not say that it is common. I tend to agree with your thinking.

That being said, I think the hindrance wouldn’t be as much from the outriggers as it may be from the skill level of a paddler who thinks they need outriggers.

At a quick glance I thought you simply meant outrigger as in Hawiian outrigger canoe. So I got you this.

About 5 min. in they get out thru some storm surf.