getting yakima footpeg rails unstuck

I tried getting the yakima-style footpeg rails out of my dad’s perception saddle, but they are beyond screwed in. On each rail, there is a semi-stripped bolt that won’t come out, even though I managed to get it turned, and a screw with the head almost 3 feet inside the saddle. Any way I could pry the screws out, I know if i pryed on the rails they would snap.

If i can’t get them off, any suggestions on making a couple of wood toe blocks? have plenty of small wood beams.

Do you kneel with your ankles at 90
degrees? Then you will need toe blocks. Otherwise, you may not need them. I kneel with my ankles at zero degrees, the tops of my feet against the bottom of the boat. With some neoprene padding glued to the bottom of the boat, I have no trouble keeping firm in the boat without toe blocks.

On removing those bolts, can you grind the exposed ends off? Watch the heat so you don’t expand the plastic.

I have a couple of sets of Yakima footbraces sitting around doing nothing. They have the shorter rails.


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i could try prying the bolt out? get a screwdriver under the head and use leverage?

grinding would be good but I dont have any files
I'll check the shed anyway

pry up with a flat bladed screwdriver from behind at the same time that you are trying to unscrew and it might grab some threads.

get the feeling
I’ll be showing Aaron the dremel tool this afternoon. Maybe he’ll sharpen some chain saw chains for me while he’s at it :-).