Ghee for cooking fat?

anyone use this? I picked up a jar in an international market today, going to give it a shot.


on longer trips especially. Good when you’re not in a cool climate but still want a butter-like flavor for cooking.

Clarified butter…
Yes, it works great. But don’t bother buying ghee. Also known to chefs as clarified butter, it can easily be made at home:

Made/used it
Have made gee quite a number of times, easy to do just take your time and don’t overheat the butter. Will keep well without refrigeration but like any fat will oxidize over time giving it something of an “off” flavor.

depends on
what you’re going to use the ghee for. It’s great for anything that is fried or sauteed over a low to medium heat, but for higher heat, you should bring oil along, too. Butter burns easily and will change the flavor of your dish.

Ghee is also great just spread on crackers or bread, esp. fresh fried bread (bannock).


Not Quite
Ghee isn’t exactly clarified butter. It is cooked longer than traditional western clarified butter and all of the solids are removed which is what makes it impervious to rotting. I always takes some camping as it makes a great addition to anything that calls for butter.

It will seperate and look weird once in awhile, but just ignore it, either the liquid part of the semi-solid part are both good.

If you buy at an Indian grocery store you can usually get a quart jar for around $7US which makes it a pretty good deal.