Gheenoe,flatback canoe?

I fish in the New River in Virginia. I am looking into my best options for a good boat that can handle fairly rough conditions, be stable, and handle 2 or 3 people with fishing gear. In the past I have gone with other people in their regular canoe, but want more stability and a motor (it’s all about the fishin’ for me). Thanks

Check on Craiglook or

An aluminum Grunman Sportsman comes to mind.

Kind of heavy, and with motor and gas, you’ll want a trailer for it.

Just looked at the website. Cats! I had no idea they were that expensive. Find a used one, they’ve been around a long time.


Those old
19 ft. square stern Grummans were about the only canoes I ever used that were really good for three people. Other than the Grummans, I don’t know of any canoe that will do well with three people with two of them seriously fishing. Having just gotten back from the New a few weeks ago, so it’s fresh in my memory, and having fished it with my wife and a guide in the past, I believe the best option for three people would be a drift boat (that’s what the guide was using).

Now if you’re mainly considering a craft for you and one other person, lots of canoes will work, although with fishing gear in the canoe I’d always be looking for the chicken routes in the big rapids and drops instead of running the main chutes with their big wave trains.

consider an aluminum jon,john, boat
The things are tough, lightweight, and as stable as a barge. Most room for their size. Be sure to get one with high sides if you do consider them. With a motor, they do NOT provide a smooth ride in rough water, but they don’t have a high bow to catch the wind as some canoes do. Just a thought

They are made here in Central Florida, and very popular. I have never heard of anyone not being totally happy with one. For your intended use, I think it would be great. If I ever get a yen for an engine driven boat, it will be at the top of the list. I see them all over the Mosquito Lagoon, often in some pretty gnarly conditions. Doesn’t take much of an engine to drive them, either.

Gheenoe and a 10 hp
That will get you right where the fish are and bring you back. When the motor breaks you can paddle back in a day or two. You can use the paddle to adjust your drift or maneuver the boat silently if you don’t install a trolling motor.

Just don’t expect it to paddle like a canoe. It will paddle a little better than a v hull aluminum boat. For my money I’d get the V hull aluminum boat and a set of oars for backup and silent maneuvers.