Gheenoe in the okefenokee?

Hello, I am new to canoeing and to this board. Me and a friend are thinking about an overnight trip in okefenokee and just wanted to get some advice and opinions from people who have been. One of the main things I am wondering is if we could use the gheenoe that I already have instead of buying or renting a canoe.

Tips & pics
You’ll need a permit to stay overnight, or even to paddle in the remote areas. March is the best time to go. The gators are out in force, but the bugs aren’t. Unfortunately, the permits are limited in quantity (7) and everyone knows when the best paddling time is. You cannot request a permit more than 60 days prior to your launch date. The office opens at 8:00 am. I’d start callig about 7:50 and keep hitting redial until you’re the first one through. Know which route you want and alternatives before you call. “Paddling Okefenokee NWR” ( a Falcon Guide) is a good resource. Your boat will work out fine. Here’s some pics from our ( trip last year: It’s a trip of a lifetime, so don’t pass it up.

You probably already know that they
were developed down that way for fishing shallow areas and swamps. Friends of ours have one for fishing. Heavy (they trailer it), but it can be poled, rowed, paddled a little, and works nice with a small motor. Nice fishing platform, but I wouldn’t plan on paddling too far very fast.