Giant in need of help

Went fishing with a couple buddies and ended up on the bank, wasn’t what any of us had in mind. I am 6’7 1/2" and weigh about 275#. The Kayak that was ment for me to use was waayy too small for me. Some friends came out with a flatbottom a couple hours later but wasn’t the same at all. Is there a kayak made for what I would call larger adults I wear a 16EEEE shoe. I’m not fat by any means just a very large fella any and all help would help .thank you for taking the time to listen to my problem. For a person that lo rd to fish and fish with his friends it’s ki da sad that I can’t go fishing when they go by Kayak,lol…

Sit-on-top kayaks, canoes, or open-deck
sit-inside kayaks should provide you a watercraft for fishing. For sit-inside kayaks, look at the Eddyline Shasta, Easyrider cormorant, or Krueger boats like the Sea Wind or Cruiser.

Giant in need of help
Thank you I’ll check them out

Second the SOTs
Jackson has the Big Tuna, which is a large kayak that will probably fit you and is mean for near shore fishing. Check it out.

I don’t know the other models mentioned, but there are many good SOTs for fishing.

Good luck and stay safe.

The Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 has a capacity of 500 lbs and a roomy “cockpit”.

Kayak for Mongo
I had the same problem with my boy. He is 6’5" 300 lbs with size 16 feet. He wanted to get out there with me so I researched a bunch of kayaks and ended up finding him an Old Town Vapor. The opening is big enough for Mongo to get in and out of easily and it was cheap enough to outfit it with holders and riggings to make it work well for him. They even make a hatch kit for the rear that we put on it as well. Its held up well running the rivers around Maryland and some bay and surf time as well.

Hobie PA-14
I am not quite your size (6’-2", 285lbs) and I am old (64). I purchased a Hobie Pro Angler 14. It’s 38" wide and close to 14’ long. I can stand up, walk around and fly fish with no problem. The peddles make it nice when I get tired of paddling. Cost more but it has a 600lbs capacity.

Check out the Nucanoe,several models 10’,12’ Frontier models and the new Pursuit. Rated at 650 lbs for the 12’ Frontier and 500 lbs for the new Pursuit.

Nucanoe website
I looked at the nucanoe website where kayak fishing success was really highlighted.

Too bad in their choice of photos to post virtually no one wears a PFD, even when standing when casting.

I emailed the company about that.

big dude
I sold a Hobie pro angler 14 last year too former pro wrestler. He was 6’10" and wheighed 400 pounds. He loves it like crazy and doesn’t have a drop of water. I sold at least 100 men close to 300 pounds Hobie outbacks. 300 pounds is the max for an Outback. Now both of those kayaks are pricy. If a bargain is what your looking for Ive always recommend big dudes simply buy a tandem and use it as a single with one seat centered. For some reason companies charge $1200 for their big man kayaks but you can get a good tandem for under $600. There is always a middle space on a tandem to be used for single paddling. Some are just a flat spot while others engineer a real nice molded center seat position. The one I sell has the best center seat position.



way too big?
i doubt it but it would probably help to go to a good shop that has demo days and let them see you and then let you try their recommendation(s)

tight lines

Lifetime Tandem Kayak
I echo what other people have said here and that you might want to look into a tandem kayak. Most tandem kayaks have removable seats and can be converted into a single person kayak.

One of the best ones I’ve come across is the Lifetime 10’ Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak.

Has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. This thing is a BEAST of a kayak. Super stable for standing or sitting. Definitely more of an angling kayak, though, not as good for recreational paddling. Slow to make headway in any current.

But it will definitely fit a big guy like you and be great to fish from if that’s what you’re looking for.

cant be 10 foot
There is no ten foot kayak made that can float 500 pounds I think you miss typed. The lifetime kayaks are cheap but they are real junk. A big guy needs a heavy duty kayak as his weight causes a lot more stress on the drain tubes. The drain tubes carry all the weight of the deck and whatever is on it.

Giant In Need of Help
I personally like the native tandem 12.5 for big people. You can remove one seat and use it for 1 person. I like all the fishing accessories the Native comes with and it has a max carrying capacity of 450 pounds, so if you’re 400 pounds you could carry an additional 50 pounds of extra gear with you, if needed.

Here’s a review of the native tandem 12.5 that may help you make your buying decision:

Good luck and don’t let anything stop you from getting out there on the water!

Perception Rambler 13.5
Not too long ago I was looking for a new kayak. I’m 6’ 250lbs. I wanted something with a lot of deck space, could handle my weight, handle waves to fish from. I ended up getting a Perception Rambler 13.5 tandem kayak. It has 3 seating positions, one being a center seat for solo. It sits high in the water, and handles rough water great. It’s a bit hard to handle since it’s bigger than my old 11’ kayak, but I’m getting used to it.

Dick’s has them on sale now for $450.