Giant Tree Altamaha River

Does anyone have a lat/long of this well known tree?

It’s on the lower Altamaha, and I’d like to see it on my trip this weekend.


It’s an ent, and walks around a lot.


Somewhere in a 7,180-acre tract of land that straddles Long and McIntosh counties

That helps, but that’s a lot of space…lol


At least you know
its near water, but then alot of those acres might be near water.

Good Luck.

listing of champion trees
Did you notice the listing of Champion trees on the left side of this link? It lists 9 trees and I can say definitively that three of the Tattnall County trees aren’t anywhere near the Altamaha. I’d like to see this tree too; I have only the stretch from Altamaha Park to the mouth left and I will have paddled the entire length of the Altamaha. Let’s find this tree.

Did you ever find the tree?
How is the camping along the river?