Gift ideas for a kayaker /canoeist

no more than $50. A birthday is approaching and he has all the standard equipment, including hat and clothing.

More dry bags are always nice. Or some more safety equipment. But if it were me, a gift certificate for NRS or Sierra Trading Post would be just the thing!

Repair kits, beer, booze or bucks.

thwart bag or…
Granite Gear thwart bag or something from Duluth Pack company.

fleece socks, neoprene gloves, Buzz Off shirt, a lot of 303 Protectant, a CD of good northcountry music or sea chanteys, pine scented incense for ugly February shack nasty days, books like Path of the Paddle, etc.

Tilley gift certificate?
Sorry, couldn’t resist!

We seem to be a highly opinionated bunch of folks, so trying to choose a piece of equipment might be fruitless. Go the gift certificate route.


low cost
Give him a homemade gift certificate for driving shuttle for a river or coastal trip.

Give him a homemade gift certificate for a nice picnic lunch(or dinner) ready and waiting at the landing spot of his choice.

How about a "gas certificate"
Even with all the gear, you still have to get there.

Battery Powered Water Pump
Available from West Marine - they only carry one battery powered one, or there is a fancier system from River Runner. The single unit from West Matine empties respectably fast and you get about 50 kayak cockpit empties out of a set of batteries. Stick the hose over the side of the boat, turn the switch and paddle on. Beats the heck out of the darned hand pump.

get him a big a** umbrella and have him play downwind!

under deck bag?

removable compass for his boats?

minicell foam…never can have too much.

rolling or advanced class? probably between 50 and 75 though.

a 2 day pass to go camping on his own?


A little honesty here.
The paddler is me. My daughter asked what I wanted for my birthday , and I couldn’t think of a thing.

What about
accessorizing the pink surfing helmet? Pink gloves???

I don’t surf or wear pink. Mauve goes
better with my complexion.

Sorry - I was being an idiot! Mauve is a good color too though…

Considered hand tools?
Spoke shave, block planes in different sizes, or maybe just a few really good planks of cedar, spruce, ash? Surely you’re not done building and carving?


I can always use more
Smartwool socks.

These may fill out my BD and
Christmas lists. Some really good suggestions.

I’ll never stop building things , so tools and wood are really good ideas. I need a 16’ piece of clear red cedar to start my S and G.

What color is mauve anyway?