Gillies Sea Kayak

I am looking at a 18’ Gillies Glooscap. John Gillies made composite canoes and kayaks in Nova Scotia in the 90’s . The seller doesn’t have much info. Said it was a '93 used for two years and has been in storage every since. The rudder is unlike any I’ve seen. Lifted, it just sticks straight out the back of the boat. The whole assembly appears to be on top of a circular (maybe a pulley) base. Color of the boat is teal and yellow. Hot combo back then, not so much now.

I’ve only seen a couple of the canoes(marathon race boats) but they looked to be good quality. I’ve asked for a weight and color of the inside of the kayak. I’m sure all the deck rigging and hatch straps will need to be replaced.

Any info on this boat or the Gillies stuff in general would be appreciated. Thanks