Gimmick or a good rod ?

I saw a rod in the Cabellas catalog that leads the line into the core space of the rod itself.

the tip has a nozzle where the line comes straight out of the tip. Has any one tried it ?

They also have a nice spinning reel with a lever to pull for casting. This lever does not rotate with the bail, it is always right at your finger tip. I was wondering about that reel also ?

Bass Pro sells one that retracts
the line into the rod, but its meant for use with Sabiki rigs. Those are rigs with multiple hooks, about size #12, and look like flies. They are used by the offshore crowd to catch bait, though will work in freshwater too. Usually, there are 4-6 flies on the rig and they’re a real hassle to handle. The rod allows them to be pulled up inside. But, I wouldn’t think that that type of rod would be good for much else.

I’ve seen the spinning reels with a lever and the return to the exact spot, but haven’t felt the need to go to them. Usually, the one’s I’ve seen have not been of the quality I want from a spinning reel. I’m not looking for great reels, but at least something as good as a Shimano Sedona.

Fish finder problem
I have a Hummingbird piranhamax 20 and a crappy Attwood minirigger. Even at anchor in still water my fish finder eithither doesn’t see the weight or the software ignores it. Any one have any ideas ? I will be replacing the Attwood manual one for a Scotty compact 1099. I want to replace the fishfinder with another small one but I want to see my gear on the screen. ???

I’m not a lover of Humminbird, bad
experience, though the old flasher units worked well. Either a mid range or better finder or a diffeent transducer may be the answer to seeing the downrigger tackle. Location of the transducer may also be the reason you don’t see it. The cone angle of standard transducers tends to be narrow. Basically, the more pixels, the better you should be able to see stuff.

back to the question at hand
don’t go with the line through rod gimmick, you get dirt or whatever in the end and build up inside the hole the line runs through, how you gonna clean it after it gets dirt inside it, plus if the end of the rod gets scuffed up at all, thats gonna cut up and put adrasions on your line… Yea its nice not having eyelets to bend or break but its not worth the trade off.

Trigger reels
work very well. I have two of them. I love em. Certainly not a “gimmick.”

Thank you all for the help
I will try the new trigger reel. As for the rod, I did have some doubts about it from the start. The discription said some nonsense about the extra friction being an asset. It also said that it elinates tip tangles. I may modify one of my beater rods by adding a smooth bore piece of quarter inch I.D. tubing about four inches long to replaice the tip guide. It might just work ? I get tip tangles all the time.

Tip tangles
Tip tangles happen because your lure is spinning while you reel it in. Then it doesn’t unspin when you cast again. Think of what happens with a yo-yo on a string. You eventually have to let it hang and un-spin.

Get some barrell swivels. Make a huge difference by letting your lure spin without winding up the line. If you get the ones with a clasp at the end as well, they allow you to change hooks/lures quickly back and forth without retying . . . .

Yes you’re right.
I think I’m using really cheap crappy swivels and my line no doubt needs replacing. I’ve been using plastic crank baits (Rappellas) and rubber swim baits lately as I’ve been going after pike and trash fish like suckers and squawfish just for fun. When I go after trout I’ll use a Kastmaster and spinners. I am just waiting for the water to warm a bit and I’ll be going after bass. I just discovered that my state of Montana does have a type of rainbow trout that is native. It’s called a red band trout. Anyway I’ll shape up my gear and heed advice. I’ve never caught a redband or a golden trout. My goal this summer will be those two along with greyling. I throw them all back anymore as I like to eat salmon and halibut mostly. Thanks again.


Spro makes the best affordable swivels
Sampo the best, but expensive.

Rod is junk,
Real is ok. Had a couple of them reals in the past. Never had a problem with them. But all I have now is Shimano reals. I have a Shimano Symetre 1000 ultralite real, that I have had for more than 15 years. I have used it in the gulf of Mexico, more lakes and rivers than I can remember. And it is still a danm good real. Paid $86.00 for it. It was worth every penny. I just picked up a new Symetre 2500 this year. It cost about $89.00 . I have been out fishing three times in the last two weeks. I still have not used my new real. Maybe this weekend?

Thanks I think I’ll stick to buying
the static lever reel and forget about that rod.

I came real close to catching my first pike yesterday, holy smokes I need bigger gear for those dads. By the way I just decided That I’m sick of shoveling snow. My wife and I will be Texas bound soon. I think we will sell our Montana property, buy a motor home with a not to thirsty engine and rent a space for it some where in a small town along the inside of Padre Island. All of you Texas boys, you may be seeing my “Tupperware Trawler” soon, tricycle bell and all ! Texas is where I was headed when I left Insanediego, some how I got diverted to Montana for ten years.

Nothing on the isle, not much on the bay
side either. Port Mansfield, maybe. Look in the Rockport and Aransas Pass areas.

Yes I like those spots
I may get waylaid again ! My wife really likes the green river / flaming gorge area of Utah. Where we are is too cold in the winter, (but hotter than shit in the short summer) and the gulf coast may be stifling in the summer. We have had an OK offer for the ol’ homestead and I think we’ll buy a nice full size rig with a big cab-over camper. We’ll pull my two kayak and motorcycle combo trailer and wherever we end up we end up ! Montana is still a place where criminals come to hide and the tonks and hypes are moving in fast. I like Utah because of the strict liquor laws and such. I want to bask under the safety of the Mormon umbrella. Screw the Salt lake area (good skiing though, been all over those ski areas), I like eastern Utah a lot, been through numerous times but never stayed. I like the Moab area and my Suz DR650 will like it too ! I also am looking at Vernal along with Page Arizona. We will Just cruise until someplace calls to us to stay ! I’m not leaving here without first photographing the crap out of this place first and we will visit Yellowstone on our way south.

You may want to get a bit closer to a
grocery store this time. Can’t carry many groceries even in a full blown motor home.

I really miss good restaurants too !
The folks here don’t know what capers are and what passes for seafood is a joke good reason given the distance from real fish mongers There is a nice place in Spokane called Milford’s fish house and oyster bar. I’ve been sitting on a bunch of silver and gold scrap and am cashing it in. I’ll try it out soon, but its going to be a hundred and fifty dollar dinner trip including the gas to go to and from ! Oh heck now I’m making myself hungry !

Inner-cast rod
Can’t tell you about the reel, but I had a inner-cast rod made by Diawa which I truly loved. It was stolen along with a tackle box out of my car.

The rod casted a country mile, without the friction of the guides and was very responsive. unfortunately Diawa no longer makes them. Unless their making them for Cabela’s.

Gotta try it , I guess !
I’m going to get the reel and I might just try the guideless rod also, heck it’s only money !

If I hate it, I can sell it at a garage sale and even make a few bucks on it ! If people can sell things at garage sales for $4.00 that they bought for a buck at the dollar store ,then why not ! Thanks ya all !

Give us a review . . . .
You’ve got my curiosity up on this one . . . .

I can’t really see where the line going through the tube, with possible contacts points all along the entire rod, could have LESS resistance than going through 5 thin guides?

But if it works, I could care less about the physics. Just my 2¢.