GK, safety equipment for the Hooch.

I think you should require dry suits on your Hooch trips. 40 some odd degree water is dangerous.After they get heat stroke, you can cool them quickly.

Not really

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You didn't go swimmin, didja?

Hundreds of people will tell you that I swim rescue people in that cold water before the bridge all the time and of course I'm only wearing a cotten t-shirt and bathing suit.

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on the discussion board.

Still haven't found my cell phone. I'll get a new one tomorrow.

Paddlin' on

You will have a couple of messages

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wondering where you are.We had a good breakfast at the pancake house and the outfitter was great on the shuttle.
We'll do it again.
No,I didn't swim, but got a lapfull on the class 2.A little cool.