Glacier Gloves

With all due respect to the specialty shops where I buy a pair a year for $45, this is a good deal.

Good stuff
Have a pair myself, great deal!

Just ordered a pair for myself.

got a pair a while ago
No fuzzy lining/the blue palms. Can’t beat $20.

(Am I the only one who trims the velcro strip off?)

Yes, thanks from me as well

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I've been wanting to buy some cold water gloves and here they are half price. I also found and ordered this very lightweight (3.1 oz.) wind jacket:
Looks like it packs up small enough for a pfd pocket (well, maybe) or at least a day hatch. Hey it's bright yellow and called L.S.D. (light shelter device) so I had to try it out...
PS this is a running jacket and apparently the fabric is retro-reflective which I guess might help on the water.