Glacier Trek vs Glacier trek breathable

Refund check is in and before it gets blown on frivolity (like bills)I’m getting the skirt for the artic tern 17

I’ve looked at both spray skirts and e-mailed snapdragon (who may be on spring break’cause I haven’t recieved a reply)on what the major difference is in the deck material.

99% of my paddling is going to be from mid may to early october (ie: warm and,in this part of the n.e. humid)

While bracing and edging are going to be huge parts of this years learning curve, rolling isn’t (following the advice of the neurodoc after a ‘numbing experience’ few years back)

Snapdragon lists the breathable as securely fitting but easy to remove for wet exit…

Anyone have any experience with these two?

Thanks in advance

only tried one…
I have the breathable… I figured it cooler and more comfortable (in Florida). It has velcro side wraps and lets in some water but my shoulders won’t let me roll for fun…

Just the breathable
If you mean neo deck, sewn in bungie and supplex tunnel (I tend to lose track of which is which), I’m on my second in that series and have no complaints about the ability to pull it. I am awfully picky about that too after an early bad experience in my first rolling class - just don’t want to give the gods a reason to kick that response off again. It’s not as tight as a couple of my husband’s skirts, but he is comfortable with a really tight fit and I stay in the pretty tight zone.

These things wear forever too - worth getting one with a reinforced rim (meaning protection over the top) because the rest of skirt will last so long.

Snapdragon skirts

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I have a Snapdragon skirt. Whichever material you choose, it's better if you can try it on your kayak before you buy - no matter what the material.

Sizes (S, M, L, XL) should not be taken religiously if you are looking for an excellent fit.

When I bought my seakayak in December the seller also provided a very barely used new Ocean Tour Expedition (100% neo, reinforced). My cockpit is 16"x26" which I've been told repeatedly is very small for a touring cockpit. Yes, it is, which is one reason I like it :D

The skirt was way way way tight on the length, like hyperextending thumbs in reverse for the final surge over the coaming nose.

The kayak came w. the skirt via the seller. It was new. The only size that fit in the Snapdragon series was the XS. The Small would be way too loose in length and width and defeat the purpose of a neoprene fit.

I am having it modified by Snapdragon. That really is my only option after contacting the other major makers (and there aren't that many)

People who own kayaks with much bigger cockpits seem to have more options, which is logical, with the preponderance of rec kayaks, touring hybrids, etc, and just bigger dimensions of the Americans taking up the sport.

Good luck.

Little difference
As already noted, only difference is one band of material that forms lower part of tube (rest is adjustable neo “dragon collar”).

I have the breathable - got on slight sale - so same or less $ than non.

Getting them off easily is TOTALLY depended on PROPER sizing. Mine comes off one handed no problem - also easy to take off grabbing at side (if you forget loop, etc). Plenty secure when on.

FWIW - I find rolling no more stressful on the back than bracing (it’s the same thing) - maybe less as it’s generally smoother - and FAR less stressful on it than all the recovery methods requiring an exit. You just have to pay attention to outfitting and gear (and learn relaxed rolls).

Trust your doc, but unless they roll and understand the motions they will just be erring on the side of caution and tell you not too.

Rolling is really just another stroke. If I had a back probelm serious enough not to roll, I’d probably look at whether I should be paddling at all.