Gladiator® Dry Suit

Does anyone have one of these? It is a 3.5MM neoprene DRYSUIT. Do you think you can were a layer underneath?

Jason S.

Should Consider…
getting one of the waterproof but not breatheable drysuits since a neo drysuit ain’t gonna breath either. You can vary the amount of insulation underneath. Less heavy and likely less binding.


Non-brethable dry suits…
…are an oxymoron, as you’re not going to stay dry in them. They’ll keep water out, but you’ll swin in your own sweat. They’re fine for diving, but worthless for paddling.

Non breathable dry suits are fine
You can roll or swim to cool off. I use a nylon Kokatat and do fine on 10-20 mile paddles in 10-30 deg air

Maybe for you…

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...but for anyone who sweats much, they're intolerable. I know several people who bought non-breathable dry suits and hated them. After switching to breathable suits, every one of them kicked themselves for not doing it in the first place and saving themselves the cost and discomfort of the non-breathable suits.