glashes on bottom of kayak

well welcome to new year…may the new year 2007 be the best for paddling season…aka may the cureent be with you…

here i am stumped,wonder if anyone had to fill in some glashes from rock or boulders…i have two (2) glashes one in front and the other in back.i used to ski but not anymore,when i had piece or deep cut/glashes,we fill them in with p-tex,to fill in the opening[depending how deep]

so wonder if anyone out there have any solution or have done filling in their [ouch]glashes/cut.

What is a “glash” ??
If it is nothing more than a deep scratch and the boat is composite, just fill it in with two part epoxy, sand it smooth and pick up a can of automotive spray paint that has th matching color.

If it is a real deep scratch you might need several applications, since that stuff runs. Just put a little on in each application.

If the boat is plastic; they sell a plastic stick that you melt an let drip onto or into the scratch.



Gash Repair
Concur with Jack. I have a Boreal rotomold which I’ve paddled over rusted pipes, oyster shells and other things I probably don’t want to know about. Some of the gashes were about 1/4 inch deep. Contacted my Boreal dealer and he got me a matching swatch at no cost.

I cut a piece to match the gashes and used one of those $9.00 Harbor Freight butane torches to fill in the gash. Just used a putty knife to smooth the material.

Good luck on your venture and remember “Any day on the water is a great day.”


prefer to patch composits, with gel coat (color attempted to match) not spray paint.

It is just as easy to mix the gel as it is to mix epoxy

few composits come sprayed with paint (none I own)

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This was a quick fix, that came directly
from Phil at QCC.

I do agree that the paint will come off before the gelcoat.

Mine was a nasty gash in the bow as a result of dropping the kayak off the roof of my Ford F-150.

The gelcoat was completly off all the way into the kevlar.

I did the repair two years ago, and just now the white paint should be done again, and I still have the can of spray paint.



I believe that you posted the repair method before…and I’m sure that it works fine

Many people seem to treat Gel as a mystery material…

I just thought that I would post an alternative to the epoxy method with paint. (the paint being a problem)

because neither is any more difficult to do, and the Gel replaces the outside material that was lost with the same material, that can be polished to match. White is the easiest color to match and most times the repair can be done so that you can’t even tell it was ever gouged or scratched.

Phil must have his reasons as to why he would stear you toward the paint etc.

I just prefer Gel, as long as your not using it for anything structural.

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gelcoat… The wonder of the age.