Glass Bottom Kayak

Hi Does anyone know where I can buy a glassbottomed sit on Kayak.

Thanks Jim

Not glass but….
I know Venture Kayaks is making a SOT that’ll have a clear bottom. Not glass mind you.

Clear Blue Hawaii has been making transparent kayaks for some time. In various catalogs, etc.

Depends on what sort of kayak you want and what you want it to do.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Delta kayaks
California Kayaker Magazine did a review of the Delta 10 in Issue #7 (can be read online for free at It wasn’t a full glass bottom, but had a view port.

Probably the reason you don;t see many boats like this is that the bottoms wouldn’t be glass, but plastic. One problem with plastic is they would scratch. Delta got away with this by having the window recessed up from the lowest points of the hull (so hull would take hit against any rocks or similar, not the window).

Found this

I found this one online the other day.