I have been paddling my plastic sea kayak for a couple of years and want to switch to a glass boat. I guess my age is catching up with me and I desire the lighter weight of glass. The price of composite is so much higher that I want to be sure of a high quality durable boat from the start. I have tried and like the Nigel Foster Shadow. Is there anything in particular to check for ? Are there special care needs for glass boats ? Thanks, Bob

they need to be paddled often…and sometimes for long stretches at a time…

and the more days in a row , the better

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I know that didn’t answer your question, so the answer in no…no real differance…don’t worry about scratches…oh … and when you stop to take a picture. if you were use to just stopping paddling and the boat stopping, you will now have to actually stop the boat, they tend to glide much farther after you stop paddling

I bought a new Shadow in January
The boat was in absolutely perfect condition when it came in. You can’t beat Seaward for quality!!!

Enjoy it!!

The shadow is a sleeper boat

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while the first 10 degrees of pitch are a touch rocky the late primary and secondary is amazing. Speed is decent. I's surprised the shadow is not even more popular. If you are buyind a seaward boat no worries. Wonderful build quality. if you are buying the older version remember they were selling new for 1500 not too long ago and pay appropriately.

boat quality and weight
I bought a used Foster Legend last year, and it has been a great boat. It is one of the Seaward-built boats and quality is good except for a small gel coat blister I need to repair under a deck fastener. They were previously built by Walden and another company before that, and spare parts (skeg sliders, etc.) may not be available for those boats.

If you are looking for a light kayak you may want to try lifting the Shadow unto your vehicle a couple of times before buying it. They are solidly built with heavy glass layups. My kevlar Legend is heavier than many composite boats, and probably is as heavy as some of the newer plastic boats.