Glass Necky?

I’ve recently purchased a glass Necky Eliza (for cost, which was SOOO SWEET) and I’ve discovered that this boat has a “soric” core. Does anyone have any experience with this material? I know I’ll have to be a bit careful, but I’d like to have a better idea of how much of a beating (if any) she can take. Thanks so much for your help! :wink: Melissa

May not be soric
early Eliza’s had a core-mat core, but the very latest are infused with a full soric core.

Soric is an outstanding core. The boats are very stiff and the latest should be very tough as well. Earlier versions were good, but the latest boats are more advanced.

Soric has a honeycomb pattern which is unmistakeable. The previous core had little holes throughout, but no honeycomb pattern.

Newer models also went to Gel-Coat over urethane paint. This added some weight, but the paint was too big a stretch for sea kayakers. Racers, surf ski crowd etc., are used to the lighter paint.

Whatever one you have, paddle it hard and use it. Necky will stand by it.

maybe shot hammer tough…
I typed in “Kayaks” at the you tube site and theres a Sea kayak magazine clip with a guy beating on a chatham 16 with a hammer! I don’t know if it s your layup

THANK YOU!!! It’s a 2007 model and most of my paddling now is off the rocky coast of Maine (yes…I know it’s cold) so I was very nervous…but now I’m not so much! You have absolutely MADE MY DAY! :slight_smile:

No, but similar.

It has the honeycomb??

I just went and checked it out and based on your description of an “unmistakeable” honeycomb pattern, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t it. It does appear to have little holes all throughout, but it does have the gel coat paint job. So they must be putting the new stuff in the 2008s. :stuck_out_tongue:

is there really any practical difference between a soric core and coremat if the glass fabric on both sides is the same?

Too bad about the gel coat, I was hoping Necky would lead with painted boats and an extra layer of glass on the bottom.

don’t worry
you got a good boat. It’s not “gel coat paint” it’s paint OR it’s gel coat. Gel coat is traditional for mass produced composite hulls and paint is a low cost/low weight alternative.

Necky Eliza paint
hey - one of the suppliers near us had a rental 2007 Eliza with the paint… After one season, it was peeling off.


You have the hand lay-up, core-mat, glass, epoxy version with the urethane paint.

Necky’s intent was to try to keep weight down by using urethane…just as is typical with surf skis, boards, race boats etc. It’s not cheaper, in fact quite labor intensive. It is more delicate, so if you care about scratches etc., just be more careful with it. It can be re-sprayed and made to look new after a few years.

Now, what was made clear to Necky was that consumers A. didn’t get the urethane / lower weight strategy B. want Gel-Coat at any weight cost.

The touring market is “very” conservative, which is neither good nor bad, just “is”. I’d prefer a urethane finish to Gel-Coat any day, as would every designer “I know”.

New versions of this kayak are Gel-Coat, infused rather than hand layed, soric instead of core-mat, vinylester resin. I’ve seen some and they look great. Both lay-ups are very stiff.

So, kayakskye, have fun with your kayak, use the thing hard, and rest assured that should you have any issues you’ll be taken care of.

It’s a cool little boat that had a lot of input, testing, refining etc. Very fun rough water handling, surfing, etc.

LeeG, soric is an excellent core that infuses well. It acts like a flow medium, and creates a super tough matrix. Not the lightest core, compared to say divinycell, but it won’t dent like a foam core. Foam cores are excellent in surf skis, etc., as is Nomex. I believe soric is far superior in a touring kayak exposed to regular impact.

off the bottom?
or the deck? Sure it’ll come off the bottom. I’d rather have a painted vinylester hull with a little extra glass on the bottom or weighing 5 lbs less than a glass boat with gel coat EVERYWHERE.

… pattern : )

far superior
Given that it is a core material how is it far superior? Is there a structural element to it that is difference than coremat?

It seems to me that it’s characteristics are oriented to glass infusion with the type of glass on either side providing the most signficant difference. Does soric have less of a potential for delamination?

I’m curious why the Chatham 17 doesn’t have the entire cockpit area using Soric.

Not sure where this will end up in line.

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Spraying gelcoat into a mold is the fastest and easiest thing you can do .. It only takes a couple minutes to spray the molds and other than a token look for F.O.D. in the molds, a monkey could do it with pretty much guaranteed success as the gelcoat is getting sprayed into / onto a mirror surface. Gelcoat as a material is far less expensive. It also goes off faster and allows faster turnover ( pop out ) in a production scenario. A no less important factor is it actually works to protect the molds from rough, heavy handed treatment during the lamination phase. This last part alone is one factor that makes it cheaper than NOT using it

Snapsized: Its fast, ez, cheap and people like it.

Paint on the other hand is VERY expensive, requires a massive amount of hand labor to prep for spray, then requires a skilled painter to apply .. If he buggers it up, he gets to wait for it to harden then start over by first fixing the messed up part. Even after a perfect job the paint will then need to be 'buffed' if the company is going for a super class A finish which is what people are expecting ... this is another labor intensive job

With Gelcoat, once the boat pops out it is 'done' with paint the finish phase is only just beginning.

I had it backwards then,gel coat cheaper, paint more expensive.

Thanks for all the info!
It is a truly beautiful new boat so I’m positive that I’ll be sad about the first big scratch, just as I have been with every other boat I’ve ever owned. BUT I get over it VERY quickly as that one big scrape is ALWAYS followed up by MANY more! :slight_smile: Thank you for your help!

  • IMO* Right now, Soric has the
    best blend of characteristics for everything non-race.

    Its extremely tough when balanced with the right reinforcements.

    It allows manufacturers to to get LIGHT WEIGHT boats that are stiff,safe and strong under peoples butts in healthier work environment for the employees.

Please scratch it a lot.
Use it and let it get all marked up, as it’s supposed to. Beware anyone with a pretty non-scrated up kayak!

Congrats Melissa!

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Does this mean I can have your Caribou? Can't wait to see you in your new boat. Love, Your Friendly Neiborhood Bearded Wandering Gnome.