glass tandem advice

Hi All, Am interested in a glass tandem kayak that has a long enough between cockpit distance to allow assynchronous paddling. Purpose will be day paddles and overnight trips mostly on flat water; however, boat must be able to handle rough conditions. I paddle a GP (86") as does my wife (84"), so beam/deck height must be GP friendly. May need a longer paddle? That’s OK. Skeg also OK; rudder OK. Don’t want to build. I’m 6 feet 170lbs, and will almost always paddle stern position; Margaret is 5"4" 120lbs. We get along great, but she’s not as strong a paddler as I am, so it would be nice to be able to take longer distance trips in a tandem. Thus, the motivation, besides of course the general background factor of boat craving. Thanks in advance, John

The Wildy NS is a great tandem with a bit of distance between the cockpits. my wife and I just paddled one out to our favorite tidal race during a full moon ebb. current was running 4-5 knots and a 5’ swell was running back against it. it made for some exciting rides.

the boat’s pretty maneuverable, far as tandems go, and does nicely with a rudder for steerage control.

good luck


Seward Passat & Seda Tango

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We have the Seaward Passat and it is a great kayak for day trips and 8-10 day journeys. It is 26 inches by 22 feet and weighs in at 85 lbs. Ours doesn't have the center hatch and, so, gives us a lot of leg room and large storage space in front of the pegs. Well built kayak.

You may also want to look at the Seda Tango -- a bit wider, but nice. Both the Passat and the Tango are the doubles of choice for the Yukon River race between Whitehorse and Dawson.

Passat, Passat G3
the Passat is maybe the best all around touring tandem out there, good dimentions for both speed with good stability, but not a hog like so many out there. looks good, very well made. it is the tandem of choice for high end outfitters as well as many skilled tandem paddlers, especially here in BC.

not sure if it has the same popularity in other parts of NA.

Seda Tango
I have the standard fg layup; she’s a big girl, when putting her on and off the roof rack, but feels much lighter on the water. Easily to paddle even if the forward paddler chooses to stop paddling and enjoy the scenery (as my wife and daughter are wont to do). Surprised at her speed and maneuverability also; negotiating narrow tidal creeks on Cape Cod this past summer was no problem. Even with a wide 29" beam, she can haul the mail. Super stable through large chop, and during a recent outing, the single boats had a hard time maintaining pace. The distance between cockpits is perfect for asynchronized paddling. Three hatches allow you to pack just about anything you want as well. Picked my well-used one up at a great price-one of the best purchases I ever made.

Glass only

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Then WS NorthStar and Prijon Excursion (I own) are out. That makes it easy since your choices are limited. Weight should be your primary concern. Mine weighs 87 lb with rudder. It really should be called a ship, not a kayak. Wish it was an Osprey double. Who makes lighter tandem? No one. Take a look at Necky Amaruk glass - 88 lb. impex Temiskawa glass - 86 lb.