Glass Tempest ... leaky front hatch ...

… Can’t figure this one out: seems to be coming in around the hatch frame (guess you’d call it that). I can feel water seeping in … one one area under the deck, around where the hatch and deck join up … but can see no indication of a space, crack, gap … inside or out. Pressing down on the deck and hatch, seems solid.

I’ve checked the deck rigging bolts, bulkhead, and rubber hatch … all seem fine.

Any ideas?

so pouring water on the rim/deck joint you feel water coming in? sometimes this join has been known to leak. a very small bead of marine sealant around the joint will stop it.

tho not terribly pretty, it works. another way to put a thick bead of same sealant arpound the inside.

sorry 'bout that!


Yep I can feel it seep in …
… deck level enough so that a cup of water will pool up in the recess … it’s a small area - maybe 3 - 4 few inches - where I can get seepage.

I think I’ll start inside first … same stuff I used on the skeg box. Figuring I should go around the whole inside rim just to be sure.

It’s not a big deal … just glad to hear it’s an easy fix… maybe 1\2 a cup of water is all. It surprised me because I’ve never had any water in that area on my other two Tempests (skeg box cable leak on this and my other glass boat, and a leak between bulkheads where the skeg cable goes through on my plastic version).

Love the boat!

Tempest 170 Pro hatch rim leak
I used 3m 5200 and mixed a little acetone to where you can put it in a syringe and shoot it around the hatch rim on the deck side. The capillary action will suck it into any voids. The acetone will dry quickly leaving the 5200 to set up and stop the leak. Wait a short time after you put it in and just wipe up any excess with acetone. Has work for me on serveral occasions.

yeah baby…
sounds good. I’ll try the mix. I’ve always used it full strength and it’s hard to get it to go ‘deep’.



Thanks I’ll try that!
… Gonna start inside and see if that stops it … if not I’ll try your method.

Question: have you been able to see any cracks or spaces? I’ve looked … used a mirror to look under the rim … can’t see anything, but I know the area where water seeps in. Also thinking I need to go around the whole rim in case the water is working its way under the glass somehow…

All hatches dry … Love this boat!

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... used 3M 5200 marine sealant ... put it inside around the hatch rim ... about 2" or so wide band around from the hatch rim back onto the underside of the glass deck. Used some Goof Off to get a few smudges off the black hatch rim ... so you can't see the sealant looking down at the hatch.


Went out in 1 - 1 1\2 foot white caps today ... some waves getting up to maybe 2'. Weather station said 10 - 15 knot winds, but I think it had to be blowing harder ... a gaggle of rec and SOT kayaks poked out of a protected cove and at least one blew over.

Almost didn't put in. I know, but I'm a pure novice... wind and waves directly on the beach. Man I'm glad I did! Got in and out without putting bow or stern on the beach ... and didn't end up sitting in the water next to my boat!

Straight into the wind as well quartering, no skeg needed ... tracked where ever I aimed the bow. Needed a little skeg coming in with the wind behind me...

Cut my normal run by about a mile due to the wind. Took waves from all angles ... waves over the deck, breakers up to my armpits a few times ... even a little taste of surfing coming over a sandbar... man this boat handled great!

leaky decks
Almost every kayak we’ve owned has leaked somewhere but hatch joints into the deck are the main villains.

We use marine Goop from Devcon as it spreads out well and flexes a little. Cockpit coamings are another big leaker that manufacturers do a poor job of sealing and we hit the underside joint with Goop now and then since the flex of the deck from getting in and out can sometimes break open the seal. No big deal to repair. Oh yeah, plastic kayaks will leak around the footbrace screws to the same reason. The leverage from your feet on the footbraces can loosen up the screws or bolts. Overtightening them (done that) can screw up the hull by over compressing the material so again, marine Goop does the job.

sounds like you’re learning to work on/ maintain your vessel AND operate it properly !!! lomng as the winds ‘onshore’ and you feel like a swim is/could be part of the gig, go have FUN!!!

and maybe sign up for some EDU? this will REALLY step up the learnin’ curve!!!


PLanning a class or so this summer…
… basic skills like bracing, stokes, etc. I can wet exit and have done a paddle float re-entry (once in calm conditions … need to practice).

Took a rolling class last summer … came close, but this is one of those things where “almost” doesn’t cut it…

if you ever end up in RI
let me know…whatta ya want to learn???

i can teach ya…