Glen Canyon/Lake Powell

Since I’m going to by in Utah to paddle the Green River in April, I intend to stop at Glenn Canyon to do some hiking and paddling. Is the water level still down? Any area/campsite better than others? How about overnight trips? Is there any safe place to leave a vehicle and trailer when on an overnight trip? I don’t suspect that they are anal concerning dogs since it’s not a National Park? Thanks.

Lake Powell

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Lake Powell water level is still down and pobably will be for some time to come. Even at low water levels there are miles and miles of paddling opportunties. You must keep in mind that Lake Powell is huge! Hite Marina is still high and dry but Bullfrog and Halls Crossing have easy access to water. Go uplake from Halls crossing and there are plenty of places for over night camping. Camping is allowed anywhere along the shoreline but keep in mind that there are alot of cliffs and rock slopes where pitching a tent is not possible. No problem with leaving cars at either Marina. Glen canyon has its rules about pets but not as severe as National Parks
Watch the weather! It can get nasty there in a hurry especially in a open canoe. Paul

Hwy 12
Drive Hwy 12 and take a look at the Escalante Grand Staircase. If you have a 4x4 you can find some good hiking and primitive camping off the road to Hole in the Rock.

Check with specific marinas about parkin
They might designate certain lots for long-term parking and/or trailer parking.

This was the case the last time I was at Lake Powell; also at Flaming Gorge.

If you go during the prime season, ask if there is secured parking (for a fee). I got such a space for truck and trailer at Flaming Gorge. The fee was reasonable. However, we didn’t have any trouble leaving vehicles for 8 days at Powell during the off-season.