Glideskin Gaskets


Nookie gear has finally brought out their dry top that has a titanium coated neoprene neck and wrist gaskets…YEE ha…cannot wait for one…so much more comfy…

Nookie gear is now available in the states through a rep in Washington state area…

Dong - does this mean you get to show us your gaskets yet???



Nice to hear someone

– Last Updated: Feb-06-08 4:25 PM EST –

else has put neoprene gaskets on the market. It will be interesting to see how they work. The gaskets I've been working on should be available in a few months as a do-it-yourself retro.

That would be great
After having done 6 neck gasket replacements on my drysuit since 2002 (I’m not exaggerating), I’d love to see a more durable gasket available as a retrofit.

Of course, I’m also going to wait and see if they work as well first. If they do, I’ll be one of the first customers.

The neoprene gaskets that
I’ve designed are just as waterproof as latex gaskets but are much more comfortable, reliable and also repairable. Can’t wait to get the information out there.

Like Stohlquist’s?
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