Gloucester to Rockport

Going to Gloucester for the weekend. Girlfriend wants to shop in Rockport. I don’t. So I thought I’d paddle around and meet her. Looks like it’s under 10 miles. Anyone have any thoughts. There is one island that creates a space for a pretty nice current in a fast tide.


It’s a fun paddle, but…
…keep in mind that you’re on exposed coastline most of the way. The water temps are very low this time of year (38 degrees off Cape Ann today), so don’t even think about doing this trip without a dry suit. I also wouldn’t do any solo coastal trip without a marine VHF radio. There are numerous places to land along the route, but they can be a challenge if the seas kick up.

That said, this trip can be a lot of fun and it’s a pretty common summer trip for local paddlers (typically done out and back). You can land on Milk, Thatcher’s and Staitsmouth islands and yes, the channel at Staitsmouth can be “interesting” at times. If the weather’s good, paddling out to the Salvages can be enjoyable, as there are often seals there, though I’m not sure about this time of year.

Watch for fast boats in the harbor
and as you round the point on the north end of the harbor it can get pretty dicey. You could go the other way–up the Annisquam and around Halibut point. Really nice paddling, but you better have good skills this time of year especially.

Thanks for the info
Will be paddling on the weekend of Mar 20. I’ll hope for good weather, light surf and a SE wind.

hope for a sou’wester!