Glove/Boot Dryer

I am interested in either a commercially available glove and boot dryer or plans to make a dryer. I thought there had been a previous post on this subject, but could not find it in archives.

Primarily I’m interested in a dryer for neoprene gloves (I hate having to turn them inside out to dry), but also one that would work for mukluks and other boots.

Any brand names that work well or ones that should be avoided?

Anybody care to share info on do-it-yourself dryers?



Look at skiboot driers…
maybe all you need. I have no experience with them for waterboots, but the work pretty well for skiboots and mitts.


If you have some spare PVC plumbing parts and an old hair dryer destined for St. Vinnie’s, you can quickly and easily make your own:

Mine works for gloves, neoprene booties and water shoes, even wet- and dry-suits.

Nice! I like it. Thanks. NM

look here

scroll down to “Ultimate Boot/Glove/Hat Dryer”

A couple tips
What’s not visible in the photos (maybe I added them later) is a series of holes in the two vertical tubes. In the side of each tube I drilled three 1/2" holes. Besides a more even air distribution, these also prevent the drier from overheating when a pair of booties blocks the end openings.

Also, make sure your blow drier doesn’t put out too much heat, or you’ll damage the rubbers and plastics of your paddling-wear.

Good luck!

has one in their catalog.