Glove & boot repair?

I have a pair of Chota NeoFleece gloves and they’ve begun to leak in the ends of the index and middle fingers on each glove and it takes a while to dry them out.

Aside from purchasing a new pair (I like to get as much time as possible out of things I buy), can the seams be resealed from the outside?

These gloves are about 4-5 years old and I really like them. I only wear them early to mid fall, then I must change to NRS neoprene mitts (great for Michigan winters)as my hands get cold quickly.

??'s–(1)Would ‘seam seal’, along the outside seams of the glove fingers, help to keep these dry inside?

Now for the boots. I have a pair of Chota, knee high boots and one of them has a spot on bottom near the heel worn through to the neoprene. They’re not leaking. YET! (2)Can I dry the boot really well, clean out the spot and place a small amount of GOOP just inside the hole, let it cure and get more mileage out of them?

As always, your expert advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!