Glove Liners

I have glacier gloves that work well in keeping external water out. But, my hands sweat alot and my gloves get wet from the inside. What brands are good for wicking water away and where do you find them. I looked at a few online paddling retailers without much success. Most of what I found appear to be bulky.

outdoor store instead
Just get some thin polypro glove liners from a ski shop, or any outdoor store.

I have OR (Outdoor Research) liners
and really like them. They fit snug, don’t rub on my hands at the seams and are comfortable. I’m not sure about the scope of sizes, but google them and you should get a hit.

Good luck.

My hands sweat quite a bit as well and glacier gloves don’t “breathe”. As a result the liners will become saturated. I bring spare liners in cold weather. I have polypro and silk liners. However, even when saturated, my hands stay warm.