Gloves? Cold water and warm air

Glove recommendations for cold water and warm air?

Now that the ice is finally leaving the lakes here in the upper midwest, it’s time for me to put the canoe back in the water. Can anyone recommend gloves (made for paddling or not) that work well on days with air temps in the 60’s or 70’s while the water temps are in the 30-40’s?

Protect hands, yet bare skin touches paddleshaft

Pogies plus hydroskin gloves
Might be the best of both worlds.

Glacier Glove Kenai All-Purpose for me.
I don’t seem to be bothered buy warm hands from wearing the gloves and they prevent sunburn as well as keeping my hands warm when submerged in the water.

add in(imho) NRS 2mm gloves…with good
grip… All of the previous seems fine as well.

For lake paddling I most likely wouldn’t wear gloves if the air temperature is 60 degrees or above, unless it’s a windy day with rough water and your hands are getting wet.

But if you feel a need for gloves, I recommend cheap nitrile golves. They have good tack and are waterproof on the bottom. They usually have nonwaterproof material on the top.

Recently I stopped wearing gloves in warm weather and instead wrap the paddle shaft with one layer of neoprene.