Gloves fo GPs

The water is getting a bit cold in the Upper Midwest.

Are there special gloves for GPs or do you just use the standard varieties?

I’ve used Nordic Blues. They’re dry but a bitch to get on and off without help.

jsmarch turned me on to these mitts and I really like them. They aren’t dry but they’re very warm in cold water:

Re: Gloves
Hi, Get what ever gloves work for your budget and needs. Then wet sand your GP courser or finer to give you the best grip. I find that I have to do this from time to time depending on my hand condition, not a big deal. Puting a new coat of finish on your GP, should be done from time to time anyway. Don’t worry you won’t hurt you padddle.


You must use gloves made by Inuit
seamstresses from baby seal pelts. Otherwise you’re just a poser.

Same as for Euros
I wear the same gloves whether using a GP or EP.

My preferred cold water gloves are Deep See Comfort Dry Gloves. They are available at dive shops. I have Nordic Blues and NRS Reactor Gloves, but prefer the Deep Sees to both.

Glacier Gloves work great

I am certain that
Someone will invent a set of kayak gloves with a built-in clear-face dry-bag to hold your gps on the back of your hand!

But they smell so bad

Same ones
I use Aleutians. Inexpensive, pre-curved, thin, and warm.