gloves or pogies?

Typically paddle in glacier gloves. Got my first pair of pogies today. Very warm, very nice, but I was wondering: what do people prefer to use under what conditions and why?

(Thanks, Cool Doc!)

Pogies, just like yours, Boheme.

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I like to have my hands directly on my shaft. It just feels good.

directly on your shaft?
Inuendo, or do I just have a filthy mind?

for same reason as shaft man.

Cool Doc…

You mind if from now on, we just call you … Shaft ?

For the record, Shaft uses pogies.

Don’t be tellin’ him to use gloves,now. Hear?

Prior Pogie Posts

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And an alternative use of Pogies:

Warmest By Far…
nordic blues drygloves. Got to cut the stupid acrylic liner out, buy thermax (or another synthetic) liner gloves and then learn the trick of getting them on. The rubber is sort of tacky and gives a good grip. The warmth factor can be moderated by how much air you “burp” out them.


I hate pogies, my wife loves them.
My favorite on our Alaska trips was a pair of polar fleece gloves inside those large reddish/orange rubber gloves that you get in hardware stores.

They are just supple enough to let you use your fingers as needed, but the whole set up keeps your hands warm and dry.



Deep See Comfort Dry Gloves

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are my favorite. I also have Nordic Blues but prefer the Deep See. Found them in a scuba shop. They are 4mm, double gasketed, and one can put them on without assistance.

You have a filthy mind

Mitts or Nordic Blues
If you use a GP most of the time, as I do, pogies are not an option. For the coldest winter temperatures, Nordic Blues are best. You can save a few bucks by making your own Nordic Blues from Atlas Marine gloves and attaching wrist gaskets. For less severe conditions, I go with neoprene mitts, which are warmer than the warmest of the neoprene gloves. I use NRS reactor mitts, but has directions for making your own. Enjoy winter paddling!

Heck I use pogies
on my GP. When its cold enough to require them, I’m not going to do any rolling anyway.

Pogies! Mine have the silver material inside, no fleece to absorb water. They work fine in MI all Winter.

Gloves AND pogies

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Pogies alone can lull you into a false sense of security. You are nice and warm, very comfy ... until you capsize and come out of your boat. Then, depending upon water temperature, you might have 5 minutes of dexterity. Pogies are great for cutting wind and providing extra protection, but IMO should not be used alone (i. e. without some other protection) in cold weather/water conditions. Wilsoj2 steered me toward the Deep See gloves from a dive shop, and I agree they are very nice. I wore them all day Sunday on a Hudson River paddle and they worked great with my GP. But, when I switched to my Werner carbon paddle they were so slippery I had virtually no paddle control. I paddled about 5 minutes and went back to the GP to finish the trip. If I had my ski waxes with me I could have remedied the situation. Note to self: remember to put waxes in dry bag!


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My hands are my weak link. For winter paddling I wear K-Mart neoprene gloves from the hunting section (I tried everything). Then I wear OR Mt. Baker overmitts. But you don't have to go that expensive - any waterproof overmitt from a ski shop, Campmore etc will work. Never cold hands again and I can pull the glove out quick if I need my fingers.

I used to wear NRS Mitts but your hands are always trapped in them.

What you want is a wind breaker to stop that evaporative cooling on a wet glove. I also carry an extra pair of dry gloves in a deck bag.

I use fleece lined neo hunting gloves for air temps 25 f or higher, lower I put on Nordic blues.