I had an old pair of wool gloves and I can’t find them. I have always heard that wool was warm even when wet and was going to try them. Wet isn’t so much an issue for me. Air temp is worse than water temp here. Main thing for me is to avoid numb stiff hands. A little protection will go a long ways.

I have a diving gloves and yes they are seriously uncomfortable. Only good for diving. To stiff to do anything with!

Interesting, easy to get on and off catches my attention!

another vote for Glacier Gloves
Just got mine a few days ago and was out yesterday in cold water and blowing winds. My hands stayed dry and warm most of the day. Only after about 4 hours did the tips of my fingers start feeling just a little bit chilly - just a little bit - and I imagine some thin liner gloves inside will help that when the weather gets colder. BTW, I purposely kept dunking my hands in the water to test them out. I had packed two extra pair of gloves just in case the Glacier Gloves didn’t work, but I never used them.

What I really liked was that they were thin enough and flexible enough that my hands never ached. Very comfy in addition to being dry and warm.


Gloves & paddle shaft diameter
I am going to go with no or very thin gloves as long as I can. When the water gets painfully cold, I will switch to both thicker gloves and a smaller diameter paddle (my daughter’s paddle).

nrs paddlers gloves
These gloves are grippy on the paddle, very flexible, warm to 5 deg C air and water temps, easy to put on,good paddle feel, and last a very long time.


level six mittens
Very warm, comfortable, no blood flow constriction, great feel,easy on/off. Greg Stamer used these around Newfoundland and Iceland and recommended them on this board so I tried them last winter. I’ve have used almost all the other gloves/mitts mentioned on this post, including Nordic Blues, Glacier Gloves etc, and nothing I’ve tried come close to the Level Six mittens.

I like nrs pokies
I was out yesterday and it was about 35 and windy. I still wear light gloves under the pokies

low tech, low cost classic
Dish washing gloves possibly with poly pro liner gloves inside. If you are careful you can make them almost dry by tucking them inside the cuffs of your paddling jacket. Good dexterity and warm enough for most. Just make sure they are not too tight.

sold by NRS and others will keep you hands warmer than any of the other items listed in this post. I personally use the Stohlquist nylon pogies with a fleece lining. The pogies are velcroed to the paddle shaft and you slide you hand inside. They are warmer for the same reason mittens are warmer than gloves. There is no restriction of the tiny blood vessels that run on the underside of you wrist so warm blood runs freely to the fingers. You can wear a light liner glove if you wish but I have never found the need.