Suggestions for winter gloves? I have a pair of neoprene diving gloves but I hate them. To thick and stiff.

Looking for something warm, light weight and flexible.

Glacier Gloves be me favoorite

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or really cold water - Nordic Blues.


Stohlquist Maw
I just got a pair of the Stohlquist Maw gloves a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been pretty happy with them.

They’re a little challenging to put on when wet + cold. But, once they’re on - they warm up quickly.

2nd the glacier gloves
I also use glacier gloves (blue palmed ones as in the pic, and plain with fleece (although i cannot really feel any difference) and they are very comfortable. As warm as a glove can be i think, although in my opinion a mitt would still be better as fingers together keep your hand warmer. I use a greenland paddle so pogies (which would be a great choice) wont work.

This is what I have on order and expect to be delivered today. If I can make it to tomorrow’s trip, I’ll let you check them out in person:

Toaster mitts. Keep my fingers WAY warmer than any gloves yet. And for really cold days, throw in a chemical hand warmer and I’m out paddling in 30 degree temps for 4-5 hours. No problem.

3rd the Glacier Gloves

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These are completely waterproof gloves, and will not leak even at the sealed seams. Much drier than my NRS Reactor neoprene gloves.

As above, the so-called interior fleece is hardly worth mentioning, as it's little thicker than peach fuzz. Consider buying one size larger and adding a thin liner glove, as the Glaciers themselves offer little to no insulation, just dryness

Good Luck!


Glacier Glove Kenai All Purpose
worked for me last year. Warm & comfortable and worked well for canoe and kayak paddles.

This source was good for me:

EMS Superstretch
I like these light gloves from EMS

Wear them all winter - easy to get on and take off, flexible enough that I can still use my camera. I find them to be plenty warm, but I’m in an open boat. Kayakers may find that they’re not heavy enough.

Wet or Dry?
For wet yet warm these are great… jsmarch turned me on to these:

For warm and dry but hard to get on and off get some Nordic Blues.

Seal Skinz
I think these are the ones I have. I bought them at REI:||~@c~@b|0|user|1,0,0,1|26|

They fit snug, so you can pick up a dime, and still feel warm and dry.


If you’re up north and paddle through the winter, forget the gloves and go with neo mitts. Tried all sorts of gloves, none do better than mitts for warmth and still offer some dexterity to buckle/unbuckle and grasp things. Pogies are good if you keep your hands in 'em. But, once out (like a swim), in colder temps, the person is royally in trouble.


Glacier Gloves
Don’t agonize over it. Don’t buy them too snug. Just get them and avoid the buying mistakes that the rest of us have made. If you find something else that you think looks great contact me before you buy them. I may have a pair I’ll give you.

I am not sure what I want. I don’t care if they are dry, just main thing is warmer. I live in the South so we don’t have bitter cold.

I paddle with a GP too. I think I would like gloves better than mittens. I noticed Campor had a set of cheap 2mm neoprene I was thinking of trying. If they lasted one season I would know what I like. At $12 what would I loose? But Glacier gloves get good reviews so I will look at those seriously.

Thanks for the input!

Deep See Comfort Dry Gloves

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Available in dive shops.

Far and away my favorite for cold water paddling.

I find that keeping my hands dry
makes a big difference in how warm they stay. Glacier Gloves have worked very well for me because they are 100% dry when paddling with a greenland paddle. When It gets really cold I switch to neoprene mittens for added warmth.

I use wool gloves. The neoprene gloves are so stiff they restrict the blood or something and actually make my hands colder than nothing. So I usually wear woll gloves and a neoprene hood.

I also paddle with the GP and live in the South. Mitts work fine. They’re warmer than gloves and easier to get on and off. You’d think you’d lose a lot of dexterity but you really don’t.

Neo gloves restrict …

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......blood flow? They will if you buy them too small or too fitted. Don't buy Glacier gloves tight and you will not experience blood flow issues.
My pet peeve with most paddling gloves is that they go on fine when your hands are dry but don't want to go back on when your hands are wet. Keeping your hands dry will make for warmer hands but in my world that isn't a reasonable expectation. Gloves need to be able to go on and off, dry hands or wet hands.

Cold Weather Paddling Gloves
Unless you are going to be in extreme cold water I would go with a pair of “Navigator” Gloves by NRS. They are 2 mm peoprene with full Raw-Hide palms and plenty of flex for holding paddles or oars. I have been using a pair for the past three years and they are holding up fine. Cost is $30. through NRS. If you are going to be in extreme cold water you will have to give up flexablity for warmth. The NRS Reactor Glove is 3 mm and has pre curved fingers and a lining for warmth. The Reactor Gloves sell for $39. Say what they want, no 3 mm glove has the flexability for great paddle or oar control. Everything is a trade off.

For standard warm weather paddling or rowing there are any number of gloves by a variety of manufacturers which will fit the average paddler’s needs.