Glue d-rings on spray skirt neo deck?

I like to keep my gps on my spray skirt. My favorite, a Snapdragon Glacier, doesn’t have any points for attachment on it. I’d like to glue some d-rings so that I can secure the gps there. Has anyone modified their spray skirt in a similar manner? Any other suggestions on how to attach a gps? What glues and materials were used? I found a product called e-6000 that is supposed to adhere to vinyl and neoprene but I’m hesitant to experiment.


I feel your pain
I have the same shirt, and I would like to keep a GPS there also. I just have not gotten around to making the modification.

I am not so sure about glue: manufacturers seem to glue AND stitch at points of stretch. My mod will be a length of nylon webbing sewn at intervals to make a “daisy chain” to which I can clip various accessories. I will use a Speedy Stitcher and seal the holes with Aquaseal.


Looked at Seals?
I tend towards Snapdragon my self, but the newer Seal skirts I’ve seen have built-in loops aruond the edges intended or a map case. But I suspect they’d also work for a GPS case hooked to a couple of bungies across the width of the skirt.

Snagging during a rescue?
I have a seals skirt with the built in loops, but I’ve been reluctant to use them for anything. It seems to me that they could snag on something while doing a rescue.

Hmm - a good point NM

Seals skirt
I also have one and use the daisy chain for attaching the gps. I just find the heavy nylon tunnel very uncomfortable and it’s very large, necessitating huge folds. The tunnel of the snapdragon is so much more comfortable, thus my search to find a good way to modify it. I’m not sure about my ability to sew, but perhaps I’ll have to look into it.