glue? epoxy? canoe paddle help

Need to attach a canoe T handle to the shaft…thoughts on best material to use? (glue/epoxy/bubblegum/ear wax etc…)


If so, file, scrape and/or sand off as much of the old glue residue as possible. If the fit is good, any 24-hour cure epoxy will do. If wood, re-varnish.

I used epoxy and a brass screw
I cut the head off the screw and pre drilled the t and the shaft. put epoxy in the holes and on the surfaces and screwed it together. I can’t get it apart.

If the fit is tight
clean as much old glue off the joint as possible, apply and good quality epoxy, press the parts together and you’re good to go. If the fit is sloppy, use a thickened epoxy and it will fill the gaps.

If I’m not interpreting the question correctly, please post more info and I’ll respond.

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My favorite was PC-7
I used it to attach many a T-grip to WW paddles. Since it is a thickened product one can sculpt it with a wet finger so as to make a smooth transition from grip to shaft.


I love that stuff. Do you know what’s in
it? Of course, it’s proprietary and it has been around forever, but I suspect some kind of microfibers.

I also love PC-11 for repairing/resurfacing the ends of Royalex boats as an alternative to adding skid plates. It’s sure tough stuff.

Magnesium Silicate

Nothing too exotic.