Glue for Polyethylene

I was looking for a hot melt glue gun on, when I found these glue sticks that are advertised as working on polyethylene:


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It would be interesting to hear how well this stuff works. Has anybody out there tried this stuff yet?

Can be used on… polypropylene.

There have been threads in the past about glue for use on poly boats, but despite many assertions that one or another adhesive will work, I haven’t seen one yet.

When I use a good glue to join two blocks of wood (for an example) when I forcefully pry the blocks apart, the bond does not break, rather one of the blocks of wood actually breaks with portions of that block still stuck to the glue and the other block.

I had been told by some knowledgeable folks in the past that welding was the only way to join two pieces of polyethylene. Maybe this hot-melt glue is actually doing just that. That would be great for all us poly boat people.


polyethylene glue?
I’ve been involved with an Industrial application which involves welding of poly for almost 30 years. Trust me…if there was an economical or safe way to glue it…our engineers would have found it. You can get a nice plastic welder from a company called “Hejet” for around $200 (be sure to order the optional rod guide.) Its nothing more than a hot air gun with a concentrated nozzle. When you slide the “welding rod” thru the guide it really is just like a hot glue gun. With a little practice…anybody can get the hang of it.It sounds a little pricey but you’ll be amazed how many things you can repair with it that otherwise would be in the garbage. Let that entrepreneurial spirit shine thru and it’ll pay for itself.

Scotch DP-8005
That’s it. Nothing else bonds to PE plastic.

Could this be “It”?
If the info in the link is correct, this could be what we’ve been waiting for. A little pricey maybe, but good repairs are worth it. Has anyone here had any experience with it? It’s a little too expensive for me to go out and test it by glueing two milk jugs together, especially since I don’t have a real need for it (yet, thank goodness.)


Polyethelyne info
Some good info here:

If you are involved in an industry that uses adhesives, or know someone who is, you could probably talk your local 3M rep into a free sample of DP-8005 and an applicator gun.

Okay, I’m a dumb sht. The website said polypropylene, not polyethylene.

I start reading the description and I see "polye
$#@lene, and I think, “woohoo, I’ve got the answer!!!”