Glue on pad eyes (bungee loops)

I know Huki sells a a glue on pad eye (bungee loop). Does anyone else sell something similar?

If anyone has used the Huki self adhesive, do you think they are strong enough to use for a forward bungee to slip a GP under.


West Marine
I bought a couple at the small local store. Never did install them. Looked like they were supposed to be screwed down though you could probably glue them on, depending what material you are glueing to. I would have used dookie schmutz (wood flour mixed with epoxy) to install them on my wood boat.

pad eyes
pad eyes that are typically available are made of nylon and as such are difficult to glue. I am building Rockpool kayaks and have had pad eyes made out of fiber filled abs that I glue under the deck to tether hatch covers. They are bonded with methacrylate adhesives ( Devco palstic weld for example). These work well. If you can’t find a local source, I will be happy to sell you some. I hope this helps

Glueing Pad eyes
We used pad eyes from Neocorp to mount our decks to the underside of wood outwales using two screws.

When we adapted the decks to our CobraSox decked hulls, we plexused the pad eyes in place after scuffing and acetone cleaning the back side. We use the same process when installing lash hooks on stackable pack canoe seats. No failures to date.

Small Plexus applicators are available from Jamestown Distributors; Pad eyes from Neocorp.

Huki Bungee Mounts
I’ve epoxied the Huki bungee mounts on a number of surf skis with zero failures. Scuff the mounting surface of the boat and the bungee base, and use a quality epoxy-I used G-Flex and swear by it. I don’t trust the adhesive Lash Its, and other similar stick on set ups, but likely you’d rip a chunk of fiberglass off before the epoxy bond fails.

Thanks everyone
Looks like I will oder some of the plain Huki pad eyes and use some of the G-flex I have left over from my canoe repair. Need to use it up before it just goes bad. I may try to make some underdeck points for storing bilge pump or charts as well.


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