glue to use for padding

I am going to put some pads in my yak and I was curious as to what adhesive I should use. My husband uses contact cement for his turf. Would that be okay?

Agree, contact cement
Didn’t think it would work but it does.

DAP Weldwood Contact Cement works great!

Have you ever
used it on Royalex - any negative results?

to glue kneepads in a royalex canoe and they are still on that boat after 2 years of use/abuse.

Glueing to Royalex
Contact cement works fine on Royalex for things that won’t get torqued or pulled too hard. I’ve used it for kneepads and toeblocks in my Outrage with good results.

It won’t work for thighstraps or airbag tiedowns. For those you need to use vynabond or something like. I don’t guess I’d trust contact cement for gear tiedowns either.


The best glue, IMO…
…is Weldwood GEL contact cement. Unlike the liquid glues, it stays where you put it. It bonds just as well as the liquids.