Glueing foam thigh brace to poly

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I know Lexel is the recommended adhesive for foam bulkheads in poly kayaks. Would it be the best to use to glue in some foam knee/thigh bracing in a poly kayak?


DAP Weldwood Contact Cement
In the red can and look for the Gel Formula.



I agree with Wetzool
Loses. Home depot. Menards. They all carry it

Marine Goop also works well. nm


Just want to be sure
I am asking about glueing foam to a polyethylene kayak. I thought I had read in other posts that contact cement did not stick to poly, but I certainly could be wrong.

For those who recommended contact cement, will it work on polyethylene kayaks.


3M’s Hi-Strength #90 spray

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3M's #90 Hi-Strength (in spraycans) has worked, but it takes attention to apply & have it dry correctly.
Have To's
1) Get all air bubbles out!
2) Apply pressure continuously until dry.

*Contact cement is much easier, but can't remember what the results were on poly...and to be honest...I don't think I ever tried my old standby Weldwood! (on poly) I'm not gonna say it won't work. Disco's Goop is good CAN get the 3M stuff off easier than contact cement should it not work for you.

DAP Weldwood contact cement binds foam to polyethylene just fine. I have used it to attach hip pads to the sides of whitewater kayak cockpits for years.

We read your question, we get it.
Dap Weldwood.

Thanks for info and confirmation
Thanks to all. Not sure where I got wrong idea about contact cement and poly. Looks like its the Dap Weldwood Gel Formula for the braces.

Thanks again.


For the record, I don’t use gel formula. I have never had an issue with it being too thin, and if you buy the pint can, by the time you re-use it in the future (i.e. once it has been exposed to air), it’s more gel-like anyhow. Less waste, I think.

What waste?

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There is no more waste with the gel than with the liquid. Typically, there is less, as the gel doesn't run or drip and it's actually easier to spread it thinly. Both bond equally well, so use whatever you like. I've just found that the gel is more convenient to use in the tight confines of a kayak.