glueing in foam for drink holders

Hey little help on a quick question…what is the best thing to use to glue down foam for drink holders in a fiberglass canoe?

Rubber cement?

Clear silicon caulck?


not silicone
I’ve used contact cement (strongest choice), aerosol spray adhesive (close second), and hot melt glue (working so far).

The hot melt glue is easiest to remove, if that matters. The others leave a residue that could be difficult to completely remove.

Don’t use silicone. It’s a poor adhesive but nearly impossible to remove, and the residue messes up the bond of nearly anything else you try later.

contact cement
there is another post on the other forum asking about glueing down kneeling pads, and I answered the same.

We use it to glue just about all of the foam stuff down in our racing and stock canoes.

Just don’t rry to get it off once you have the item glued down!

Jack L