Glueing min cell foam to plastic

I recently tried to add some hip pads etc. and used Gorrilla glue but on the first day out paddling as soon as i got in the boat both sides came off.

What is te best glue to use for placing mini cell foam on plastic boat parts.

thanks to all in advance

duct tape

contact cement
Try Dap Weldwood contact cement, sold at The Home Depot etc. Apply to both surfaces let dry for 15 minutes and press together. Even the hottest most humid day will not make them peel off. For removal, see my post in the “Removing Sticker Residue” thread.

but I rough up the plastic with 80grit sandpaper and apply two or three thin coats of contact cement. It will NEVER come off.

I’ve glued plenty of minicell to plastic using Dap Weldwood Contact Cement Gel (gel is easier to work with but the regular stuff works just as well) with great success.


another way
I just use straps to hold hip pads in place. seconds to remove if needed and will never peel off.

Use this. Put too much& it’ll stick 4evr

Yup, that’s my favorite, too.

On one boat I glued on neoprene
pockets salvaged from an old wetsuit, so that I could add or subtract hip padding depending on what I was wearing.