gluing bulkhead into pungo

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the front bulkhead for my pungo 140 has arrived. i'm wondering which glue i should use.

markinnc emailed me suggesting some type of marine glue (5600 or something line that, i have the meail at home), so that is a possibility.

but, i want to make sure i have something that will:

a)stick to the plastic, and

b) not eat at the microfoam.

also, for those who have doen this before, what is a good plan of attack. two that come to mind:

1) glue the edges of the foam and slide it in (seems like a potential mess)...

2 )fit the the foam and mark the glueline, then glue the boat and slide the foam into place?

or is there a better way i've not thought of?

all insight, tips, or tricks are welcome for consideration :-).


Hi Michelle
There are likely zillions of ways to do what you are doing, LOL. I had suggested 3M 5200 which is a very good marine adheasive. I have also have heard that marine goop works, but not tried it.

I would dry fit the bulkhead first and draw a line in the plastic along both edges. I would then clean the plastic between the lines with something like alcohol and I might even lightly sand the plastic.

Once you are set to actually glue it in I would apply the glue to the boat only or you will have a big mess on your hands, or I would anyway. I believe I would put a bead of glue along one edge of the final position, the edge that you are installing from and let the foam spread it out as you push it into place. I would then go back and run a bead around each edge where the foam and plactic meet.

Good Luck,


I like Marks plan…
But keep in mind that I’ve had the 5200 take up to a week to dry in humid conditions so maybe you don’t want to use the boat for a couple days after you glue it.


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use lexel, its clear like the one that's already sealed in the back, i've put 3 or 4 in pungo 140's, you can get it at most true value hardware stores. email me i'll tell you the easy way to do it.

Yeah, 3M 5200
get it at West Marine or Boater’s world. Its made for below waterline marine applications, the extra cost is worth it. Don’t get it on anything you don’t want it to stay on.

Marine Goop works great and dries
in 3-4 days.Home depot.

Take the offer that Rufus Sr gave and email him. He has done it before and might be able to provide a hint or two. I like 5200 and have found that it works very well. On the other hand if Rufus has had good results with the lexel stuff I would certainly consider that.

Good Luck,


Question about bulkhead
Where did you order the bulkhead from. I have been thinking about getting one for my pungo but have no idea where to look for them. Thanks

aldercreek something-or-other

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they are in the pacific northwest. here is the email line from a "reply-to"

"Annette Pearson, Program Director @ Alder Creek"

here is an earlier thread: