Gluing kayak parts

OK, here is a simple project IF the right glue is used. Need to know what plastic this part is made so right glue is used. Any guesses? What has been your experience gluing kayak plastic accessories?
The used kayak I just bought has a broken rudder cradle, the part the rudder sits in when not in use. It broke in half. Plan is to glue parts back together and reinforce with an 1/8" plastic sheet underneath

. See photos.

Best guess is ABS. Use a solvent “welding” glue. Don’t expect your repair to be anywhere near as strong as the original though.

Check out Devcon Plastic Welder.

Or just replace it (rudder rest)

Either Devcon Plastic Welder or West Systems G Flex epoxy will work if it is ABS. My guess is it is polyethylene. If so, your best bet is to quickly pass the flame of a propane torch over the surface to be bonded, and use G Flex.

Could possibly be nylon. I did read one account of someone who repaired a nylon reel with G Flex (after flame oxidation) with some success.